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From initial contact with the client, understanding his needs, and so understanding just what he is looking for in order to perceive and create an idea, the steps are: getting to know him, getting the feel of his business and feeling a part of it, and then, faithfully interpreting his needs and objectives. This precess, however, doesn't end there. The aim is to research and propose solutions, interacting with production and the market in an approach that is rational and analytical, yet creative at the same time. "This is our work" says Max with total satisfaction when speaking of his company's ethics and approach to its work. Max, along with his tireless and energetic brother David, have endeavoured to build the family business, turning it into a real force in the Promotional Articles Sector. MDB is a solid and moder company on an international level-partnered with the most prestigious and widely recognized brand names. "The true force of MDB", the brothers add, "is continuous re-invention. We are passionate in being able to propose ever new and newer ideas and in the fastest way possible. It is our day to day aim to enrich and diversify our catalogue so that we can absolutely guarantee to meet the constantly evolving needs of our clients. Our thinking is geared towards becoming that specialized consulting partner able to give promotional support to, and stand behind, any and every kind of company in their choice of and supply of all promotional services or promo-products. There is no limit to what a product can be, how it can be personalized and customized and which will express and confirm the image and style of who it is representing. We are "treasure hunters" of these objects if already existent, adapting the tried and tested, and "inventors" of new objects when needed, building a functioning project that works with the objectives of the client. With our working knowledge of and our study of the various market sectors, we are able to signal to our clients just how to abtain market visibility and grab ulterior market competitiveness. MDB has been present for some time with its own production trading plants located in different sites abroad. In remembering our true origins (which is where our current name MDB1980 come from) and defining our ambitions, MDB has become, today, a reference, offering real targets to every business sector. Our daily objective is not only to satisfy our client but to stand beside him, continually looking to transmit our passion in the quest for extraordinary success.


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